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The Tick Issue #02

2017-02-01 23:23:36 by SeanSullivan

If anyone cares...



2016-03-11 14:32:36 by SeanSullivan

Got some shirts going if anyone is interested.

Check out RECON UNIT 18!

2015-12-31 00:35:05 by SeanSullivan

First issue up check it out  here:

I might go a bit slow on the series, but I hope it works out. I hope I entertain you with this sci-fi / fantasy comic.

If you want a comic strip check out my ODDBALL series here:

Love and kisses, Sean M. Sullivan

RECON UNIT 18: a comic book

2015-11-14 05:08:45 by SeanSullivan

It's a comic... I hope you find it interesting enough to stick around. I think I can post "Motion Comics" on here, I don't really know.



2015-02-27 18:49:18 by SeanSullivan

Hey guys, I'm currently doing a patreon now for Music and Art. I will be posting speed drawing videos of my work and some of my friend's too. If you guys like my Music or Art (or both) then think about a little support. Either way all my content is free. Thanks everyone :)



The second one of The Madman Diaries is out now!
Go watch it and tell your friends. Or don't, who cares?
The third one might take some time because my brother Eric is animating part of it.
Until then, you little monkeys, keep your minds in the gutter!

Madman Diaries 02 - Meanwhile

Madman Diaries 02 - Meanwhile

My Brain

2012-02-04 20:14:09 by SeanSullivan

My brain hurts :(

A children's cartoon?

2011-08-28 22:07:54 by SeanSullivan

I am currently trying my hand at making a children's cartoon. It stars a Crocodile and a Platypus. Here's Harry Gator!

A children's cartoon?

The Cosmic Monster

2011-06-07 07:18:48 by SeanSullivan

Hey hey Kids! I got a new Show out on! check it out and tell me what ya think!!!The Cosmic Monster - Mentally Deranged

The Cosmic Monster